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  • Nov 10, 2018

    Scorpio Party With Stereolizza

    The Basement — Columbus, OH

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"Generation Y Network (Gala inc.) brings the best EDM Party to you! Live Performance from Hollywood's best Stereolizza, DJ Set by Chomski. Tickets $5, Free admission for Scorpio- born."

"Stereolizza is a Los Angeles based, urban electronic dance pop musician. Stereolizza was named "The Best Recording Artist" by the Widescreen Music Video and Film Festival in 2017, and received “The Best Cinematography” award for their music video “Wonderland”. Their mind-blowing music video “Cool Cat” with six “cat-headed” men became viral in cat lovers’ community and was screened at numerous video festivals. Their music videos have accumulated over 10 million views on YouTube. Complementary Birthday Cake! Tickets $5, Free admission for Scorpios! A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Chomski is an up and coming Dj/Producer from Columbus, Ohio. Chomski began his journey as a DJ in 2015 and has not stopped since, working his way into the Columbus club scene. Playing all forms of electronic dance music, you can expect a high energy set that will keep you dancing all night."

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